Sunday, January 25, 2009


My sister and I will be flying to Cambodia this Saturday, to work with Resource Development International (RDI), a non-governmental organization that aims to help the people of this country through a variety of projects. These range from laboratory tests, to teaching in schools, to building wells and water filters, to creating short films aimed at educating children.

In certain regions of Cambodia, naturally-occurring Arsenic poisons the water in the wells and streams that people drink from. This poisoned water causes them to develop illnesses like arsenicosis, which results in death. 74 % of all deaths in Cambodia comes from water-borne diseases.

One of the many projects that RDI is currently undertaking is a TV studio, in which they produce documentaries, cartoons and short films to educate the population, particularly children. I will be working with the studio, teaching a 2-week l
ong Film-making workshop which will cover the basics of storytelling, layout, character design and animation. My sister will be involved in building projects.
Needless to say, I am shaking with excitement, fear, apprehension, delight, uncertainty, joy, nervousness and every other intense emotion that comes with a trip of this magnitude.

Stay tuned for updates!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Paraguay video

Before Christmas, I got this little camera to take home with me. I flew to Paraguay for the holidays, shot some shaky footage of all the places I visited, and put this video together. Every time I go back there, I realize how much unexplored beauty this country has.

Glimpses of Paraguay from Guillermo Careaga on Vimeo.

Make sure HD is on, and make it full-screen if you want!