Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two highways


VaneRV said...

Nos extrañas ningo katu nde... veni anikena ya....jajajajaa vamos a comer:asado, lomito, chipa y dulce de leche. feroz empacho ra´e. Te esperamos con los brazos abiertos y el desodorante puesto, preparate que hace mucho calor.

El Paraguayo! said...

Siii, hace muchísimo calor!
Recomiendo que vengas con tereré en mano.. Al llegar a Silvio Pettirossi vas a necesitar..

Stephen Trew - www.thetrews.com said...

Hi Gulli,

For Christmas we bought Elijah and Hannah Shrek 3. After watching it I remembered you did your Intern with Dreamworks and worked on it. I Googled you and found your blog. Amazing to see how things have developed - well done. Who are you working for now?

We're back living in Northern Ireland now. Still with fond memories of St Andrew's and Paraguay. You can catch up with us on theTrews.com.


Stephen (Mr Trew)

Deanna D said...

ahh, that's what I miss!

Bethany said...

You get nice scenery as you drive there! Beautiful!

VaneRV said...

we didn´t eat anything together! maybe next time!