Friday, August 15, 2008


Old drawings, but I forgot to mention that I had put them all together like this and made Christmas cards last year.
I'm working on another gift-painting, which should be ready soon.


mkummer said...

I received that joyful gift with great joy!

Eco Productions Inc. said...

Hola Guillermo

Congratulations! As a Paraguayan, I am proud of you and your successful carrier. I would like to have the opportunity to contact you and share with Paraguayan community in Washington DC area your wonderful job to inspire others young people showing them that all dreams can be come truth. Tenemos un programa de radio del que podrás enterarte mejor visitando nuestra web ojala y podamos tenerte vía telefónica uno de estos sábados en nuestro programa.
Espero tener noticias tuyas pronto.
Aguyje ha po’a ndeve guara. Arriba Paraguay!!!


VaneRV said...

yo no recibí tu tarjeta jajajajaja te digo nomás

Kristafer said...

Love it!