Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm flying home tomorrow!


Alex Fleisig said...

nice gearmo

these are all so fun

so many neat patterns and detail in the clothing

i especially like this guys hair

raquel said...

You know .. he is dressed as a clown.. but he looks sad

VaneRV said...

what are you up to? doing your own movie?

Really like the drawings Guille. Very expresive. Seeing them together kinda makes me picture the story.

mkummer said...

You should post them all together as they appeared on your Christmas card.

Denise Hutter said...

Guillermo! Espero que leas esto! Mi nombre es Denise Hutter, trabajo en UNICANAL (Paraguay), estamos interesados en hacerte una nota para el bloque de arte y espectáculos del noticiero! Avisame na cómo contactar contigo! Mi MSN es, tb me encontrás en el facebook y en el orkut. Saludos, que sigas bien!