Thursday, October 05, 2006

This book is amazing

I just got this today.

The cover is fancy:
But it's the inside that matters. The drawings are big and were printed in very good quality. I highly, highly recommend The Art of Open Season.

Also, and while you have your wallet out, go buy the newly-released Little Mermaid on DVD. It comes with The Little Matchgirl, an awesome animated short that was supposed to be a part of the now defunct Fantasia 2006. So good.


VaneRV said...

Guille: (only for respect for most English readers, I will write in English): I swear, sometimes I don´t understand what the heck u r talking about in your blog. Though your mail today was super-nice. I will try to write an email as soon as possible. It´s just that college is killing me! I know, I haven´t written for a while, but I am here..Anyway, good 2 know you love your career, though it´s advanced Chinese for me. God bless you, buddy!We are cheering for December to arrive, so you return to Paraguay!

Chris said...

cngrats for getting on the front page of CGtalk.

Tony Cabrera said...

guillermo, like chris said, Congratulations on the CGtalk thing. Your thesis was awesome, everyone at work this summer loved it. Also, you're a good salesman, I just got my open season book in the mail today, it's awesome, if you haven't seen it yet, try to track down the Monster House Making of Book. Hope everything is going well for you.

Guillermo said...

Thanks Chris!

Tony, glad you got the book. Isn't it great? I didn't want to buy the Art of Monster House because of its prohibitive price, but I went to Barnes and Noble and flipped through it for hours. It's really good too.
I hope everything is going well for you as well.