Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lo bueno se hace esperar

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Almost two months here in California! Already two weeks working at PDI! And forty five minutes thinking about what to write here!

So far it's been an incredibly rewarding experience. Being surrounded by super talented artists humbles/encourages/intimidates/inspires me. It's so great being around people who not only know so much but who are also very willing to answer the thousand questions I have each day. I look forward to the challenging days to come!

I would say I love California if it wasn't too cold. Right now it's 59 degrees, and it's summer. "You'll get used to it," a lady told me at the furniture store the other day, and I left the store laughing. During winter, I'll carry chopped wood with me. And a lighter. I could set up a fire in no time wherever I go. Otherwise I like it very much. I like the mountains, the tall buildings and trees. I like San Francisco very much.

The long weekend is upon us! And with it, the company of good friends from the south. Good times ahead.


Kantcho said...

oh wow! Guillermo, I'm really inspired by your short 'Sugar Rush.' Superb story and animation. Your Guinea Pigs animation on your site is also hilarious. I love your sense of humour man.

Guillermo said...

Thanks Kantcho!

VaneRV said...

Hi, again..
Well, people in Paraguay remember watching your thesis-in-progress, and now some pictures of it were printed in ABC´S magazine here.. woooow. you are an urban legend.
Hope 2 c u in december around here -it´s always freaking hot, as u know... is 42º better than your Californian summer?

Anonymous said...

Hola Guillermo, no sé si te acuerdes pero te hice una entrevista para Panorama Cristiano una vez, quisiera hacerte otra y por ello te envié preguntas a tu direccion de mail de la, pero no sé si esa dirección todavía está vigente. Por favor revisa el mail o avisame a donde te puedo escribir. Mi dirección es