Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Lately I've been noticing how long it's been taking me to animate something relatively simple, and it's because I don't have a clear idea of what I want the character to do. I find myself always trying new things: new poses, new acting choices, new timing...when I should really be making progress and layering on top of what I already have. And while I admit that I very much enjoy this exploratory process, it's definitely not the most efficient way to work. In fact, except for some happy accidents here and there, it always proves to be a waste of time.

This also happens when I'm refining animation. I look at my shot and decide that the upper torso needs to move up faster. That's it: that's the only change I need to make. But then I start looking at my curves and wonder "maybe the hip should also be coming more this way" and "the arm should probably move slower here" and "what if the head tilts right there". Eventually, I fix the upper torso, but for one problem solved I created four more.

I like to think of animation (an art in general) as a very intuitive and spontaneous process: you keep trying new things until it just "feels right". But there are times in which I definitely need to be more intentional in my planning, more disciplined in the corrections I make and more precise in how I envision a shot.

The good thing is that I'm learning!

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Karisa said...

Hi Guillermo !!!
just saw this weeks lecture at Animation Mentor (class 6) in which you gave us your experience and process working at PDi dream works. Amazing!!!!
this lecture was really great as it gave me such a close insight as to how a big studio operates.

I'm now reading this post and EXACTLY what you're saying here, is what's happening to me now!!!!
in class 6 we're supposed to be polishing our shots, however i find myself re-working and introducing new acting choices and basically taking forever with finalizing my shot. as you said, doing all these changes creates even more problems!!

lol, i guess I'm posting this comment because I'm really inspired by your animation and to know that you were able to establish a work flow where you're the most efficient, give me hope!!
so i just wanted to say thank you for making this post and though I'm seeing this 4 years later, it's been most helpful!!!

thank you and take care Guillermo!!